A few years back, for the first time in my life, I didn‘t have a corporate job. I kept waiting for that magic email or phone call when a strange thing happened — I started to get requests from people who knew me and my work and asked me to join them on a wide range of projects. Temporary, I thought.

Little did I know it was the beginning of something special…making clients happy away from the 9-to-5 office environment.

I work as a journalist, studio executive, start-up specialist, marketing/branding strategist, business developer, and content creator. I have launched numerous companies; have my work viewed by hundreds of thousands on a weekly basis on television and tens of thousands more via digital media; lead companies in re-branding, communicating how and what makes them special; and help bring companies public. I distribute films.

People work with me because they love what I do to help their business or project succeed, while others come to me because they are ready for something new and imaginative.

I am a growth architect and brand builder. I provide focused solutions to increase revenue share, and bring innovative approaches to solve the complex problems.

Among my present and former associations and clients are Adobe, CNN, Apple TV, Sundance, ESPN, CNBC, History, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, Spectrum Cable, and DirecTV. I have been head of marketing and public relations at Studios and independents; have served as de facto MarCom leader at numerous places, and many things in between.

My work is dynamic, focused, and viewer friendly.

My recent subjects include sports, movies and television, health care, technology, automotive, music, food, and so much more. Most things I do today are geared toward the digital arena but I’m right at home in traditional marketing as well. I always gear the work toward the intended audience.

Shoot me a note and tell me what you need. Let’s talk and see what I can do for you…

Marketing Strategy
I believe in the power of the image to tell your story. Videos provide the proof of your message. It stays with the viewer.

Content Creator
I not only talk the talk, I do the work. I specialize in creating engaging video content that conveys stories your company, product, or project need to tell; stories that appeal to your audience.

Your brand needs to stand above the crowd. I use the tools to deliver messages that resonate, demand attention and get you away from the business-as-usual.

Projects Completed


happy clients

Executive editorial director, kelley blue book &

“For years now Rich Bornstein has been my go-to partner in promoting consumer and business-to-business interest in the marketing content we create and make available to our 20 million uniqe monthly visitors” 


content marketer and media strategist

“Rich Bornstein and I have worked and collaborated together on several film and TV projects over the years, and I love being part of his team and having him be a part of mine. What impresses me most is his uncanny ability to cater to the specific needs of each client, listening carefully and tailoring campaigns that deliver measureable solutions that are innovative, on budget and on time.” 

television executive, producer. University lecturer

“Anytime I needed a top flight story teller west of the Mississippi, Rich was my first call both at ESPN and Willoughby Productions. His creativity, resourcefulness and abiliity to work with strict budgets made him a most important asset to our productions. When Willoughby decided to open an office on the West Coast, there was only one choice for me when it came to hiring”